This intensive, fun, and multi-faceted day of programming draws together some of the organizations and individuals most dedicated to dismantling the inequities in our criminal justice system and to creating a more just Chicago.  See how to de-escalate difficult situations to avoid police intervention, step into the experience of a person returning from incarceration through a “re-entry simulation,” learn about the prison-abolition movement, participate in a healing circle, find out what it takes to volunteer inside the Cook County Department of Corrections, and/or enjoy bombastic performances by young people from throughout the city, and more.

This full day of programming includes lunch for all attendees as well as a “choose your own adventure” style schedule that allows you to dive deeply into the topics and activities that most interest you.

Come for a specific workshop or stay all day!

Activation Day Schedule:

10am – Welcome & Orientation

10:30am –

TRACK A: De-escalation Workshop by Alternatives to Calling the Police During Mental Health Crises
TRACK B: Voices of the World Poster Workshop by OPEN Center for the Arts
TRACK C: Re-entry Simulation by BBF Family Services

11:30am – Break

11:45am – Performance by B’Rael Ali Thunder

12:00pm – Envisioning Abolitionist Futures by The #LetUsBreathe Collective

1:00pm – Break

1:15pm – Protest in Fashion, Part 1 by Edvetté Jones and New To You Thrift Shop

1:30pm –

TRACK A: Restorative Justice Circle by Circles & Ciphers
TRACK B: What Does Freedom After Incarceration Mean? by Bright Star Community Outreach
TRACK C: Re-entry Simulation Reflection by Circles & Ciphers & BBF Family Services

2:30pm – Break

2:45pm – Performance by OPEN Center for the Arts

3:00pm – Rest as Resistance by The Nap Ministry

3:30pm – Protest in Fashion, Part 2 by Edvetté  Jones and New To You Thrift Shop

3:45pm – Break

4:00pm – Stomping Grounds by Free Write Art & Literacy

6:00pm – Event concludes & gallery closes

*Ongoing: Info Booth About Volunteering in a Carceral Institution by Just Art; Interactive Justice Archives by Free Write Arts & Literacy