” The event was held in Shedd Park, located on the west side of Chicago in the Little Village neighborhood, and consisted of a dance performance by Kalapriya artists and students from Joyce Kilmer Elementary and John J. Pershing Magnet School. The performance was followed by a panel discussion consisting of community leaders who reflected on the themes of violence and justice.

The program was truly a unique approach to combating violence in Chicago communities as it brought together traditional Indian dance, international storytelling, students from different backgrounds and neighborhoods, and reflections from the community. The Kalapriya students performed narrative dances depicting three different stories from Ancient Greece, 19th Century America, and Ancient India, with each story serving as a meditation on nonviolence and justice.

Ahimsa showcased how individuals from different cultures and neighborhoods can unite in the face of violence, which was reflected in the diversity of Kalapriya performers, panelists, and audience