Utilizing the small group and seminar style workshop setting, students learn technical and creative writing skills, building opportunities. Youth are encouraged to develop authentic language to support their ability to narrate and navigate their internal and external experiences.

Re-Making Home and Joy: Book club and memoir writing through Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street – The circumstances of our living constantly demand that we re-learn how to make home, and envision joy as ways of adapting to change and preparing ourselves for the change we want to ultimately create. What does Sandra Cisneros’ house on Mango Street teach us about that change and how can this, and adjacent works help us write our own joy and prepare ourselves for the lives we’re about to make beyond the current moment. Chapters of The House on Mango Street will be supplemented by works of poetry, non-fiction, fiction and drama and writing exercises will generate for each participant, at least 10 pages of memoir in any number of literary forms: creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, letters, play.

Teaching Artist: Roger Bonair-Agard