As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a close please join Circles and Ciphers and Community guests for a joint gathering of all of  Circles and invited guests from MAUVI – Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration. The evening will be part Teach-In, part Talking Circle centering story and resistance.

What does it mean to survive domestic violence and be incarcerated as a result? How can we join participatory defense teams to directly impact women currently fighting their cases? What stories do we ourselves have to tell?

Material created by activist and organizer Mariame Kaba will be used to conduct a workshop that educates the community on how current systems handle domestic violence cases from a “defense” and “prosecution” lens while ignoring the grief of families involved in the process.

A peace circle will then be conducted to allow a couple survivors of domestic violence to share their experience and allow community members to then express their stories in a safe space.