Unbarred Poetics Archives - Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION

“Edwardo’s Father”

Written in response to “Small Illuminations” by Tara Betts Edwardo’s Father stands in the doorway of my classroom, a large cumulus cloud and waits for permission to enter. He sits in the chair by my desk, tells me he wants to be a part of his son’s circle. Later, he tells me what I already … Continued

Written in response to “Welcome to Sunnyside” by Ciara Miller

This here… is about broken people, systems, and mindsets who will arrive in time to a place to be healed. We’re not broken. But it’s time for us to be healed. From all the temptations we’ve consumed by desires offered by false hope, From all the manic trauma introduced to our mind to steer us … Continued

Under My Roof

By Leona Woodland Written in response to “Small Illuminations” by Tara Betts The silence cuts my wrist The depression corrupts my mind The glass reflects how I feel on the inside “Give me my clothes!!” “AHH!! I just wanna die!” “…Im so tired of these damn kids.” BOOM!!…The door shuts Intervention? Normalcy? Is this home? … Continued

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