Helping Young Fathers

Providing high-risk young men with the tools they need to be better fathers and men.

Our 12‐week curriculum was developed through research by Sheldon Smith, Dovetail’s founder and Director. Supplemented with frequent guest speakers, the program educates fathers about the roles, rights and responsibilities of fatherhood as well as their importance in the lives of their children. The one-of-a-kind program also includes a strong component addressing Felony Street Law to help these young men avoid incarceration and stay present in their kids’ lives.

Different Backgrounds. Shared Potential.

Our students come from a variety of circumstances — foster care, single mom or grandmother — before being single teen parents themselves. Some are in school. Some are not. Many have a parent or another family member who is incarcerated. These young men offer tremendous promise and potential, but are often in danger just going about their daily lives.

Ending the Cycle

Our graduates have unanimously reported positive experiences from the trainings and have taken significant steps towards becoming a consistent presence in their children’s lives. In fact, after finishing the course many them are actively helping us recruit participants for the subsequent classes.

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  • Violence Prevention

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