Not from my experience directly, but the criminal justice system has touched my family’s life because my grandfather and my uncle have been incarcerated. This affected my uncle’s family because his kids (my cousins) who are 6 and 5 were wondering where he was for the past month. My grandmother and his girlfriend who was looking after them in that month had to lie to them saying that he was in the hospital. Also he was incarcerated before he had the kids. This affects the family because if the sentence was longer than a month, they could’ve grown up without a father and that could affect them mentally.

For someone who has a family and he or she gets incarcerated, it can affect their family greatly. It can affect the person’s kids because, depending on the kid’s age and on the time of incarceration, it can make the kid angry at the person saying they were never there for them. Also, it can make them embarrassed and insecure because the parent is in jail. I also think this can affect them because they will follow in the parents footsteps and can also end up in jail too.

With my grandfather, he got incarcerated when I was about 6 or 7 years old when I lived on the south side of Chicago. He got incarcerated because of drinking and driving; this affected me because I had to go some time without him. This also affected me because it taught me to not drink and drive and to not end up in the same shoes as my uncle and my grandfather. I think the criminal justice system was fair for this decision and he did deserve to be incarcerated because it wasn’t the first occurence of drinking and driving with him.