For me, criminal incarceration has played a small part in my life, but it still had a large impact on me and my family. My uncle was the one who was involved, and explained to us how back when it was his 18th birthday, he was at a party that his buddies through for him. It was getting out of hand at the end of the night, close to midnight. Someone called the police and his friends neglected to say that it was them who were the host, not my uncle. My uncle got taken in for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, so they took him in and booked him. They made him do a month, when it was not even him. So he got charged for something he did not start anyway.

A long while later, he was 33. He was ready to be a police officer, but apparently they checked all the arrest records, even from when he was a minor. So, when he was 18, like I said, he got booked and went to juvenile detention and they counted that against him. So, he wouldn’t become an officer. After that, he took a long spiral downwards because of one little mistake his so called friends did and blamed him for. So instead of going into law enforcement, he went into security for schools and banks, so that he can make a difference. This affected me by taking a look at my actions and seeing that every action has a reaction and everything I do can lead to something worse in the future.