When I was little, I would always spend the weekend at my uncle’s house. It would be me, my cousin, and my uncle at the house. We would either watch movies together, or I would play video games with my cousin. Me and my cousin are the same age. Growing up, we did everything together. We would mostly watch movies or play video games. But one day, my older cousin came into town and had no where to stay. My uncle, having a kind heart, allowed my older cousin and his girlfriend live with him until they can build enough money to get a place of their own. (At this time, my older cousin was nineteen, while me and my other cousin were at the age of seven.)
My older cousin and his girlfriend stayed with my uncle for about a month. During this time, my uncle had been noticing my older cousin had had a lot of friends over. These “friends” would come into the house for about 2- 5 minutes and then leave. Me and my cousin watched every person that came in and out of the house while me and my cousin were playing video games. My uncle started to notice the amount of “friends” my cousin would have over in one day, and the more you pay attention to his routine, the more you start to question things. My uncle finally told my cousin to not have any of his friends come into the house. So my older cousin listened to him and started hanging out in the front of the house. More and more of his friends would visit him on the porch and leave. At this time me and my cousin were too young to understand what he was doing, but my uncle kept telling him to stop bringing “friends” near the house.
One day, at about 12:32 on a Saturday, my younger cousin, my uncle and I were watching a movie in the living room. My uncle got up and went to get something to drink. When he entered the kitchen, me and my younger cousin heard a loud banging on the door. My uncle came back and opened the door, when he seen police with a search warrant. He allowed them in and told my cousin you either give up your “stuff” or he is going to allow the police to come in and search his room. My older cousin continued to say he doesn’t have anything in his room, so my uncle allowed the police in. There was about seven police officers that walked into the house and started to search my older cousin’s room. The police later found drugs and guns stored in his room. Me and my younger cousin had no idea what was going on. But after the police started to cuff my older cousin, my uncle sent me and my younger cousin to our room.
My older cousin was later charged with the possession of an illegal weapon. One of his “friends” told the police that all the drugs was his and that he left them behind him after he left the previous day. My older cousin was sentenced to twenty-four years. Until this day, my older cousin is still locked up. Fighting his case changed his sentence to eighteen years. And yes, his girlfriend did break up with him maybe a week or two after he was arrested.
I have not always made the best decisions in my life, but I have always learned from them. With the experiences that I have seen and been through, there are somethings I will never do. I will never make the same mistakes that my older cousin has made, and I can promise you, if he was to get a do-over, he would have never made the same mistakes twice.