Well, for me, the criminal justice system has touched my life, because if there’s no criminal justice, the people that commit crimes are gonna be free and they are gonna keep doing crimes. People commit crimes and they are put in jail and pay for what they did and have time to think about it and plan what they are gonna do in the future. That’s why we have the criminal justice system, so they can protect us if something happened to us in the street or in other places.

With the criminal justice system, people can walk in the street safe. But, sometimes the criminal justice system can fail because I hear in the news that people kill other people and the police still don’t find them. But that’s rare, now we are more protected.

I had a personal experience with criminal justice. My uncle was in jail for 5 months, but it was a mistake. My uncle had been in Chicago for the past 10 years and he had been working in the same restaurant. The boss of the restaurant gave my uncle $19 an hour. My uncle had been saving a lot of money; he had like $5,000 in his house. The police came to his house and arrested him. The police asked him a lot of questions. My uncle told the police the truth, but the police didn’t believe him. So, the police started an investigation. The police took 5 months to finish the investigation. They looked at the restaurant that he was working and they found that he got paid $19 an hour. The police let him go and he got his money back. My uncle put a complaint in about the police, so they had to pay him $4,000. At the end, it was only a mistake, and he was free. We spent the holidays without him and even New Years.