The criminal justice system makes me sad sometimes because some people get sentenced a long time in prison for harmless crimes. Like there are people who go to jail for a long time for marijuana. Marijuana does not nearly impair you as much as alcohol. People should not go to jail that long for such minor crimes where no one is being hurt. I have not really experienced anything like this. But, we have read about it in class, and my friends talk about it.

I do know when someone’s close family member goes to jail, the family of that person is very sad and stressed out. Especially if they depend on that person to do stuff for them. Like if there was a mother or father who went to jail and the kids look up to them then who is gonna teach them stuff that a mother or father needs to teach them. Jail breaks up families and it is very sad especially if the person is going to prison for a nonviolent crime. Some people go to jail for such stupid things and they can be good all their life and all it takes is for that person to make one mistake and then they go to jail and it ruins the family’s lives. Some of my classmates have experienced this, and it affects their learning in class.

Prison can have a big impact on someone. It is way worse than people actually think. People are stuck in prison and do not even get to know what is happening in the world. There are cops that are cool and won’t ruin someone’s life for some marijuana. But, some cops seem to want to ruin someone’s life for just having some weed on them. Most cops where I am from won’t make a big deal out of weed. If anything, they’ll let you go and just and tell you to go home and say do not let me see you out here again. That is the right thing to do.