How would you feel if you were stuck in jail? I know people who were in jail for years. When I talked to them they told me it was terrible. They hated it and it really made them think about what they did. It affected their daily lives by changing their ways. They told me that they have never been at a cold place alone with no one by there side. Their experience made all of us think about our future choices. You should think about them too.

When i was 10 my brother went to jail. I was too young to fully understand, but I wasn’t too young to understand the pain. Seeing my mom cry her eyes out and seeing my dad worried really made me think about my choices when I grow up. I never knew a call could affect a person so much. I also never knew being in a cell could change a person so much. My brother was only 16 and he didn’t do anything wrong. It was unfair; I was young but i still knew it was unfair. The police officer stopped him for having loud music. But the issue was that the insurance paper had the wrong date, so the police officer thought he had stolen the car because it wasn’t under his name, but my dad’s. They took him to the station and called my mom. When she answered, she didn’t know who it was, but once they said who they were, she stood up right away. My mom was scared. She thought my brother was gang affiliated with something. My brother at that time was making bad choices.

When my brother got picked up and came home, he said that he felt alone. He said he would never ever want to go back to that position. I would feel the same, no one would ever want to be in that position. He was young and reckless he didn’t know the consequences. The cops blamed him for nothing. They just thought he stole the car, but it wasn’t like that. He felt guilty when he wasn’t.

I’m the age now that he was at that time, and things got worse. I am afraid because I hear that police shoot at innocent people. I feel like the police aren’t fair with the people, don’t get me wrong. I know police chiefs, but they even admit that they make mistakes. And I find it very unfair. I hope it changes soon. People should learn and realize a lot of stuff.