To Shape a Mind - Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION

The Prompt

Participants will watch a video offering some perspective on the ways a lack of holistic and compassionate support structures for youth in schools affects our broader society. They will then be asked to reflect on the video through a series of guided questions and an art project.



Watch the video starting at the 5 minutes and 20 second mark through to the 7 minutes and 25 seconds mark.


Respond to these guided questions. Illustrate (write, draw, or paint) how you feel, using the same piece of paper, after taking the time to reflect.

  • What challenges did you face in school that may have impacted the way you view your life and experiences? What encouragement or resources did your school provide for you?
  • How does the lack of evolution or adjustments to our education system hinder student success? What about students with incarcerated loved ones?
  • While watching the video, could you relate to the speaker and what he was presenting regarding the education system? Explain your stance in your answer.
  • What steps can we take as a society to provide better support to students whose parent(s) or family member(s) is currently incarcerated?



Scan or take a photo of your illustration.



Upload your work using the submission form below to share your reflection with others.


Share your response with others

Share what you created by photographing or scanning your work and sharing it with Illinois Humanities using our online submission form below. You can also share your experience with your friends and family on social media. Be sure to tag us at @ILHumanities and use the hashtag #EnvisioningJustice.

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To Shape a Mind

Envisioning Justice