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Darcel Rockett spoke with Envisioning Justice Program Manager Tyreece Williams about the evolution of the program...

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The Tea Project releases "Remaking The Exceptional" podcast

All six episodes of the riveting series about the connections between U.S. police and international torture are now available in the RE:ACTION Exhibition and on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

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CHICAGO READER, APRIL 4 — ‘We can imagine our way into something else’

"Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION expands community-driven efforts to imagine a future without mass incarceration..."

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Watch "RE:ACTION: An Introduction" to hear about the making of the Exhibition and Activation Kit

Get to know this new interactive platform with the Envisioning Justice team and we’ll show you how you can help to create new visions for a just future.

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Illinois Humanities announces Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION, launching March, 2022

“Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION presents a powerful composite of viewpoints and experiences from across Illinois..."

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Read "Taking the Band-Aid off of Mass Incarceration" by Brian Dolinar

Community journalist Brian Dolinar evaluates the current political landscape surrounding the movement to decarcerate across the U.S., throughout the state of Illinois, and in his hometown of Urbana-Champaign, IL.

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