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There were things I was not aware of til this workshop. The bond time is shocking… I had a chance to think this through and I appreciate it.

By Rebecca Deah

It was good to sit and have a conversation about my feelings on incarceration. My partner and I had similar views on incarceration. We both thought that crimes out of necessity are still crimes but shouldn’t be criminalized harshly. We should continue to have these discussions in the community.

Family of Friends

Family of Friends A proactive selfless love– the empathy of siblings– reminiscing on ordinary days– and suddenly I cannot breath: Why did my zeyde choose others? When he passed, my cousin moved from picture to picture, the temperature of his skin, the focus of his eyes, the great grip of sorrow– and I wondered what … Continued

Shemika’s reflection

I myself made a lot of mistakes going to jail for stealing to provide for my babies. It changed me because me being away from them was hard and it’s even harder getting a job being a felon.

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