In Lak ‘ech Ala K’in

Tú eres mi otro yo
You are my other me

Si te hago daño a ti
If I do harm to you

Me hago daño a mi misma
I do harm to myself

Si te amo y respeto
If I love and respect you

Me amo y respeto yo
I love and respect myself

Tú Eres Mi Otro Yo

Episode 1: Empathy

“How can we directly name and address harmful behavior?” In the first episode, William Estrada and Jasmin Cardenas show the repercussions of an act of harm and present a restorative justice model of conflict resolution.

Tú Eres Mi Otro Yo

Episode 2: Repairing Harm

“Can we lead with compassion when we are faced with harm?” In the final episode, we look back on several chapters in Adam’s life and ways his family and community respond to the harms created by ICE.

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Jasmin Cardenas

Portrait of Jasmin Cardenas sitting in a chair in a sun-lit studio space

Jasmin Cardenas


Jasmin Cardenas collaborated with William Estrada on the PUPPETS + RESISTENCIA project. She is a Chicago actress, director, published storyteller, deviser, and arts activist who uses the mediums of story and theater to move human hearts towards compassion and action. The daughter of Colombian immigrants, Jasmin uses teatro and play in joyful resistance to the status quo. Working with youth, low-wage temp workers, and Chicagoans across the city, Jasmin uses theater, storytelling…

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William Estrada

Portrait of William Estrada

William Estrada


William Estrada collaborated with Jasmin Cardenas on the PUPPETS + RESISTENCIA project. He is an arts educator and multidisciplinary artist. His art and teaching are a collaborative discourse that critically re-examines public and private spaces with people to engage in radical imagination. He has presented in various panels regarding community programming, arts integration, and social justice curricula. He is currently a Visual Arts Teacher at Telpochcalli Elementary and faculty at the School of Art and…

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