Bars and Gates: COPY+PASTE+DELETE - Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION

Layer One: Bars & Gates EP (2021)

Listen to this original EP created by Antonio (aka Toni Picasso), which explores themes around mass incarceration in his hometown of Decatur, IL.

Layer Three: Bars & Gates Documentary

Antonio speaks in greater depth about the Bars & Gates project and his goals for the work in this 13-minute documentary.

Antonio Burton

Antonio L. Burton, also known as “Toni Picasso,” is a native of Decatur, Illinois. His faith in Jesus Christ has fueled his fluent gift in all arts, mediums, and skills. In 2012, Antonio earned a bachelor’s in 2-D Design with an emphasis in painting from Eastern Illinois University. Since then he has hit the ground running, laying a foundation in his field of study as a freelance artist in both Illinois and Missouri. Antonio’s hope is to paint into the heart of others a new color of life that will not only inspire…

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