Group discussion Archives - Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION

Every Voice Matters

In this prompt from Renaldo Hudson, we learn about some of the ways the voices of currently incarcerated people are suppressed within the carceral system and how we can counteract that exclusion in our own lives through open dialogue.

Family Affair

A world without prisons has little to do with the physical absence of cages or cuffs. Any one of us could be in prison for the things we’ve done or been complicit in, yet have never been held accountable for.

Resolving Conflicts Through Puppets

In this prompt, Estrada and Cardenas invite us to shift our perspectives on harm in our own relationships and communities, and to navigate the difficult terrain of conflict resolution through puppetry and open dialogue.

Remaking the Exceptional: Tea, Torture, and Reparations

Hughes and Ginsburg’s podcast highlights similarities between the policies that led to the War on Terror and the reign of Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge. Here, they invite us to engage in conversation about what a just future could look, feel, and sound like.