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From Prisoner to Professional: Nicole "Coco" Davis

A woman in a floral shirt looks to the left of the camera
Still from Episode 3 featuring Celia Colón.

“From Prisoner to Professional: Nicole ‘Coco’ Davis” is just one installment in a six-part documentary series about returning citizens. Learn more about the series and watch more episodes on the 720 Films website.

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Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson is an independent documentary producer and cinematographer. He started his career working at PBS and ABC affiliates. He debuted his short film From Prisoner to Professor in 2017, which later was featured at the Black Harvest Film Festival, the Pan African Film Festival, and won Best Short Documentary at the American Filmatic Awards. He was the cinematographer for Chosen Foe Life, a short film of an inner-city youth conflicted by neighborhood pressures and school influences…

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