Art-making Archives - Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION

Hypocrisy of Justice: Sights and Sounds from the Black Metropolis

This prompt asks you to contribute to a collaborative playlist of songs that have challenged our notions of confinement, redemption, or the carceral state.

Recipes for Life: A Legacy Cookbook Cherishing Those No Longer at the Table

Family gatherings and meal sharing can be some of the most memorable and joyous moments in our lives. How do our relationships to food and family gatherings change when our loved ones are no longer at the table?

Resolving Conflicts Through Puppets

In this prompt, Estrada and Cardenas invite us to shift our perspectives on harm in our own relationships and communities, and to navigate the difficult terrain of conflict resolution through puppetry and open dialogue.

Invisible Suitcase

The Invisible Suitcase activity was created for children and families interacting with the family regulation system (child removal services), specifically children entering into foster care.

To Shape a Mind

In this prompt, Burton leads us to interrogate our own experiences as school-aged students and to reimagine what a supportive environment for the children of incarcerated parents might look like.

Remaking the Exceptional: Tea, Torture, and Reparations

Hughes and Ginsburg’s podcast highlights similarities between the policies that led to the War on Terror and the reign of Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge. Here, they invite us to engage in conversation about what a just future could look, feel, and sound like.