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Pain in the Soil: Sites of Resistance to Chicago Police Torture

This prompt asks us to activate the sites and stories of survivors of police torture in Chicago as important locations in the ongoing documentation of this devastating history.

Unbarred Poetics

These four poetry writing prompts explore different ways to use artistic practice to get to the heart of issues related to the carceral state.

Recipes for Life: A Legacy Cookbook Cherishing Those No Longer at the Table

Family gatherings and meal sharing can be some of the most memorable and joyous moments in our lives. How do our relationships to food and family gatherings change when our loved ones are no longer at the table?

Breath Scores

Breath Scores is a series of breathing meditations inspired by the writings and activist works of Black radical thought and Engaged Buddhism.

Invisible Suitcase

The Invisible Suitcase activity was created for children and families interacting with the family regulation system (child removal services), specifically children entering into foster care.

By Blood: The Sex Work Narrative Project

For individuals ages 18+. Scholars, policymakers, and social service providers are often at odds about how to approach the issue of sex work. Jackson offers this prompt as a way of normalizing the conversation around sex workers’ rights and safety.

Truth, Facts, Reality | Stories, Claims, Lies

This prompt teaches us to read between the lines and to reach the core of an article — that is, the assertions that are rooted in hard evidence and scientific data.

To Shape a Mind

In this prompt, Burton leads us to interrogate our own experiences as school-aged students and to reimagine what a supportive environment for the children of incarcerated parents might look like.

One Minute

If you had one minute left to speak to an incarcerated loved one, how would you spend that time? Antoine and Wyatt borrow from their own encounters with the one-minute warning and invite you to document your experience of this untimely interruption.

Society of Transition

In this prompt, filmmaker Joshua Jackson asks us to create a map of transitional homes as a living source of information for those going through the re-entry process in Illinois.